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Alternative Medicine

اسلاید 1: Chapter

اسلاید 2: Chapter 21 Alternative MedicineHealth Care Science TechnologyCopyright © The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

اسلاید 3: Chapter 213ObjectivesExplain the chiropractor’s general theory of health.Describe the responsibilities and practice of a chiropractor.Discuss the effects of massage on the body.

اسلاید 4: Chapter 214Objectives (cont.)Describe the responsibilities and practice of a massage therapist.Explain the general theory of acupuncture.Describe the responsibilities and practice of an acupuncturist.

اسلاید 5: Chapter 215Objectives (cont.)Summarize information about the study and use of herbs in healing.Describe the responsibilities and practice of an herbalist.Successfully complete 1 alternative medicine procedure.

اسلاید 6: Chapter 216Careers in Alternative Medicine 21-1Careers in Alternative MedicineThe ChiropractorThe Massage TherapistThe AcupuncturistThe Herbalist

اسلاید 7: Chapter 217The ChiropractorTreats clients without the use of drugs or surgery.Performs manual treatments called adjustments that are used to treat out-of-place vertebrae.

اسلاید 8: Chapter 218The Chiropractor (cont.)Types of Chiropractic PracticesChiropractors may work in a single-physician office or a clinic. Some work with a medical doctor and/or a physical or massage therapist.Some work in general practice, family practice, occupational health, or rehabilitation.

اسلاید 9: Chapter 219The Chiropractor (cont.)Job ResponsibilitiesExamines clients and reviews their histories by asking questions.Uses X rays, tests muscles, and analyzes posture to make a diagnosis.Treats clients who return for maintenance treatments.

اسلاید 10: Chapter 2110The Massage TherapistUses pressure, kneading, stroking, vibration, and tapping to positively affect the health of clients.Teaches that regular massages benefit the mind as well as the body by:Helping improve concentration.Promoting restful sleep.Relaxing the mind.

اسلاید 11: Chapter 2111The Massage Therapist (cont.)Types of MassageSeveral types of massage are based on the Asian theory of qi, or “chi.” Some of the better known types of massage are:Swedish massage.Neuromuscular massage.Shiatsu and acupressure.Reiki.Seated massage.

اسلاید 12: Chapter 2112The Massage Therapist (cont.)Therapy PracticesMassage therapists may work in their own office, make calls to the client’s residence, or work in salons. Some work for chiropractors or in clinics with physical therapists and physicians.

اسلاید 13: Chapter 2113The Massage Therapist (cont.)Job Responsibilities Act like a professional, making sure that only the parts of the body to be massaged are exposed.Involve all the senses by using dim lights, soothing and relaxing music, and candles or aromatherapy techniques.

اسلاید 14: Chapter 2114The Massage Therapist (cont.)Job Responsibilities (cont.)Take a brief medical history of each client.Explain what the client needs to do to prepare for the massage.Communicate what will take place during the massage.Create a restful, relaxing atmosphere.Assess types of strokes or methods to use when muscle resistance is encountered.

اسلاید 15: Chapter 2115The AcupuncturistThe theory of acupuncture is based on the Chinese beliefs about qi, yin, and yang.The acupuncturist inserts thin, hollow needles under the skin to balance the flow of qi in the body.

اسلاید 16: Chapter 2116The Acupuncturist (cont.)Acupuncture Treatment TypesElectro-acupuncture.Moxibustion.Acupressure.Reflexology.Chinese, Korean, and Japanese versions of acupuncture are slightly different from each other.

اسلاید 17: Chapter 2117The Acupuncturist (cont.)Types of Acupuncturist PracticesAcupuncturists may have their own office or work in a clinic.Some states require a medical degree before a person can become an acupuncturist.

اسلاید 18: Chapter 2118The Acupuncturist (cont.)Job ResponsibilitiesInspect the client’s tongue for shape and color variation. Take pulses in as many as 50 locations as part of the physical exam.Determine clients who are not good candidates, such as those with hemophilia.

اسلاید 19: Chapter 2119The Acupuncturist (cont.)Job Responsibilities (cont.)To determine the type of treatment needed.Most treatments take from 20 minutes to 1 hour.To enhance the effects by using cupping, which causes the blood to pool at the needle insertion site.To implement plans to attract new clients.

اسلاید 20: Chapter 2120The HerbalistUses leaves, flowers, berries, and roots of herbs to make treatments to prevent, relieve, or treat illness.Ethnobotanists are educated at universities and study how plants are used as medicines.

اسلاید 21: Chapter 2121The Herbalist (cont.)Types of Herbalist PracticesHerbalists may practice from their own office, or may work in clinics with acupuncturists and other alternative health care practitioners.Many locate near health food stores.Some herbalists run small manufacturing companies where they make herbal products and grow herbs to sell.

اسلاید 22: Chapter 2122The Herbalist (cont.)Job ResponsibilitiesAssesses the client by using a variety of techniques, including:Taking the client’s medical history.Taking pulses at various locations. Examining the tongue.Examining the client’s irises.Takes special precautions if the client is taking over-the-counter or prescription drugs or is pregnant.

اسلاید 23: Chapter 2123The Herbalist (cont.)Job Responsibilities (cont.)Make an accurate diagnosis of the client’s problems.Determine the appropriate herbal treatment for the client’s diagnosis.Explain which herbs to take and how to take them.Communicate with client regarding expected effects of the herbs.

اسلاید 24: Chapter 2124Section 21-1 Apply Your KnowledgeWhat type of herbalist studies the use of plants as medicines in various countries?Answer: Ethnobotanist.

اسلاید 25: Chapter 2125Alternative Medicine Procedures 21-2Performing a backrub provides an introduction to massage techniques.Massage is usually done on a massage table or chair.Practice infection control and good body mechanics during the massage procedure.Oil is preferred for massage. Use lotion only if oil is not available.

اسلاید 26: Chapter 2126Section 21-2 Apply Your KnowledgeWhat is used to reduce friction during a massage?Answer: Oils.

اسلاید 27: Chapter 2127Procedures in the Student Text21APerforming a Back Massage

اسلاید 28: Chapter 2128Additional Procedures in Lab Activity ManualLM21-1Performing a Foot Massage

اسلاید 29: Chapter 2129Chapter 21 CreditsSlide 8CORBISSlide 10Mark Richards/PhotoEdit

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