Cloud Computing:Concepts, Technologies and Business Implications


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Cloud Computing:Concepts, Technologies and Business Implications

اسلاید 1: Cloud Computing: Concepts, Technologies and Business Implications6/23/2010Wipro Chennai 20111

اسلاید 2: Outline of the talkIntroduction to cloud contextTechnology context: multi-core, virtualization, 64-bit processors, parallel computing models, big-data storages…Cloud models: IaaS (Amazon AWS), PaaS (Microsoft Azure), SaaS (Google App Engine)Demonstration of cloud capabilitiesCloud models Data and Computing models: MapReduceGraph processing using amazon elastic mapreduceA case-study of real business application of the cloudQuestions and Answers6/23/2010Wipro Chennai 20112

اسلاید 3: Speakers’ Background in cloud computing Bina:Has two current NSF (National Science Foundation of USA) awards related to cloud computing:2009-2012: Data-Intensive computing education: CCLI Phase 2: $250K2010-2012: Cloud-enabled Evolutionary Genetics Testbed: OCI-CI-TEAM: $250K Faculty at the CSE department at University at Buffalo.Kumar:Principal Consultant at CTGCurrently heading a large semantic technology business initiative that leverages cloud computingAdjunct Professor at School of Management, University at Buffalo.6/23/2010Wipro Chennai 20113

اسلاید 4: Introduction: A Golden Era in Computing6/2/2011Cloud Futures 2011, Redmond, WA4

اسلاید 5: Cloud Concepts, Enabling-technologies, and Models: The Cloud Context6/23/2010Wipro Chennai 20115

اسلاید 6: Evolution of Internet Computing6/23/2010Wipro Chennai 20116PublishInformInteractIntegrateTransactDiscover (intelligence)Automate (discovery)timescaleSocial media and networkingSemanticdiscoveryData-intensiveHPC, cloudwebdeep webData marketplace and analytics

اسلاید 7: Top Ten Largest DatabasesRef: Chennai 20117

اسلاید 8: ChallengesAlignment with the needs of the business / user / non-computer specialists / community and societyNeed to address the scalability issue: large scale data, high performance computing, automation, response time, rapid prototyping, and rapid time to productionNeed to effectively address (i) ever shortening cycle of obsolescence, (ii) heterogeneity and (iii) rapid changes in requirementsTransform data from diverse sources into intelligence and deliver intelligence to right people/user/systemsWhat about providing all this in a cost-effective manner?6/23/2010Wipro Chennai 20118

اسلاید 9: Enter the cloudCloud computing is Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software and information are provided to computers and other devices on-demand, like the electricity grid.The cloud computing is a culmination of numerous attempts at large scale computing with seamless access to virtually limitless resources. on-demand computing, utility computing, ubiquitous computing, autonomic computing, platform computing, edge computing, elastic computing, grid computing, …6/23/2010Wipro Chennai 20119

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