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اولین کسی باشید که نظری می نویسد “Conversation Analysis”

Conversation Analysis

اسلاید 1: Conversation Analysis Hamidreza GhobadiradUnder the Supervision of: Dr. AllamiYazd UniversityWinter 1396

اسلاید 2: OutlineWhy do we analyze the conversations?Conversational FeaturesAnalyzing mens conversationsWomens conversationsChildrens conversations (girls and boys)

اسلاید 3: Why do we analyze the conversations? To:Get more information about the speakersKnow their culture moreBe a better conversationalistSee the norms, patterns and practices applied in social interactions

اسلاید 4: Turn takingConversational Features:

اسلاید 5: Back-channeling

اسلاید 6: Adjacency pair

اسلاید 7: Unsaid utterances

اسلاید 8: Word selection

اسلاید 9: Repair

اسلاید 10: Simultaneous Talk

اسلاید 11: Gestures

اسلاید 12:

اسلاید 13:

اسلاید 14: Analyzing mens conversations:Interrupt moreInitiate the conversationsSpeak more directlyAre NOT good listenersTalk from decision to discussionTalkative in public, quiet in privateMessage-orientedLook more but in one directionUse shorter sentencesTalk for status, show knowledge

اسلاید 15: Womens conversations: Use tag questions moreUse hedge words moreNot message-orientedUse back-channel moreTalk for solidarityFrom discussion to decisionQuiet in public, talkative in privateAsk more questions especially wh- questionsUse attention beginning moreUse adjectives and adverbs more

اسلاید 16: Childrens conversations (girls and boys) Inappropriate initiationKeep telling people things they know alreadyTalk too muchHave difficulty telling a story in an orderly sequence of eventsSay things which are socially inappropriateHave favorite phrases and sentencesAre over literalUse terms like he and it without making clear what they are talking aboutSuddenly change the topic of conversatio


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