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Data Warehousing / Business Intelligence


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Data Warehousing / Business Intelligence

اسلاید 1: w w w . e f o r c e g l o b a l . c o mIT Solutions. Guaranteed.TMData Warehousing/ Business Intelligence

اسلاید 2: OutlineBusiness Intelligence – Business Imperative, Strategic DriversDW/BI - ProcessDW/BI - Technology/Package ExpertiseCase StudyMethodology/Development Process

اسلاید 3: Business Case for BIHigherBusinessValueLowerHigherComplexity of Analysis“What has happened?”“Why has it happened?”“What will happen?” RecommendedActions Insight Analysis Information DataCompetitive AdvantageBaseline MetricsPredictive MetricsDescriptive Metrics

اسلاید 4: Operational dataInformationData WarehousingKnowledge workers

اسلاید 5: SalesFinancialInventoryOperational SystemsData WarehouseCustomerGeographyProductOrganized by processesor tasksOrganized by subjectA subject oriented approach

اسلاید 6: Data Warehouse Process DATA SOURCES STAGING AREA DATA WAREHOUSE DECISION SUPPORTApplication DatabasesPackaged application/ERP DataDesktop DataExternal DataWeb-based Data[Adapted from SunExpert Magazine, October 1998.]______________________________________________________INCOME ANNUAL REPORT___ ___ ____ _____ ___ __ ___ ___ ____ _____ ___ __ ___ ___ ____ _____ ___ __ ReportsEISOLAPStatistical & Financial AnalysisEXTRACTIONTRANSFORMINGCLEANINGAGGREGATIONDATA WAREHOUSEDATA MARTS

اسلاید 7: BI Reference Architecture- Gartner April 2004

اسلاید 8: BI Reference Architecture

اسلاید 9: BI TrendsIncrease in zero latency for data to be available in a DWETL and AI technologies mergingBusiness Activity MonitoringIncrease understanding of Metadata and Importance in BI projectsWeb ServicesData Quality “Firewalls”

اسلاید 10: Skill SetsInformatica, Ascential DatastageETL ToolsMicrostrategy, Information Advantage, Informix MetacubeROLAP ToolsOracle, Sybase, SQL Server, Informix, Red BrickDatabasesCognos, Hyperion Essbase, Oracle express, Brio, Business ObjectsMOLAP ToolsSeagate Info, HolosHOLAP ToolsCold Fusion 4.x, Microstrategy DSS Web, Brio On demand server, Cognos Powerplay Web, Business Objects- web Web-enabling Tools

اسلاید 11: ANALYZEGATHERAPPLYMODELApply the customer insight, at the moment and point of customer contact, using the latest available information, to personalize the interactionsAccumulate customer and transaction data from multiple sourcesAnalyze data (data mining) to develop a fact based and statistically sound understanding of customers and prediction of their needs and behaviorUse insight to define a campaign according to a marketer’s objectives, either in real time for online channels or in batch for offline channelsDW driven - Customer Value Management

اسلاید 12: Customer Value ManagementContext“Amount” Age Years As CustValue toCompanyIncomeAmount x 12 Dynamic Value PrioritizationUnified Customer ViewOLTP(Joe’s Real-Time Data and Context-Defined Profile)Value toCustomer32.5% Prob of Response9.4% Probability of ResponseOverall Value of Recommendation($5.1)x(0.94) = $0.48($18)x(0.33) = $5.98Qualify Available Business ObjectivesXsell Credit Card (CC)Xsell Retirement Account (IRA)Amount=$1400, Age=46, Income=…Xsell Savings AccountXXDD/Interaction ServerReal-TimeRecommendationto Xsell Credit CardJoeJoe

اسلاید 13: Case Study – Real Time Business IntelligenceECISCampaignMgmtAIRMessage QueueEvent HandlerETL PlatformProfile EngineData StoreCoreAggregateBusiness ObjectsUUUUReportReportAnalytic ToolsModel 1SASRequest Response MessagesBulkTransactionUpdatesSegmentation/CommunicationEvents

اسلاید 14: Case Study – Real Time Business Intelligence - ComponentsEvent Handler / Message QueueMessage queue provides a standards-based mechanism for application integration. The event handler ties messages to the appropriate containers[Deployed using MQ Series and Open for JMS]ETL PlatformPerforms the tasks of loading updated data from external systems, creating aggregates and derived values inside the AIR, and creating data exports for other systems.[Informatica 7.1]Business ObjectsProvides the primary window into the data. Used for reporting, ad hoc analysis, dashboards, etc… Analytic Tool SupportAllows analysts to use their current set of tools (SAS, Affinium Model, etc) for exploratory analysis, model creation or other analytic projects directly from the AIR data store.Profile EngineManages the production versions of analytic models that enrich data within the AIR by calculating complex derived values such as segmentation assignments and predictive purchase scores. The calculations are performed by profile agents that are created by Targetbase’s Strategic Business Analysis group. With the profile agents managed in a consistent fashion, analysts will be able to reuse past models rather than creating new ones.[Custom developed using CVS backend]Data StoreThe core data store of the AIR takes transaction level data and stores it in marts organized to facilitate rapid access for BI uses. These marts are augmented by additional marts that contain a variety of aggregated, summarized, and derived values needed for analytical operations.

اسلاید 15: Case Study – Real Time Business Intelligence - Benefits

اسلاید 16: Development Methodology30- 35 %Business RequirementsDefinition60 - 65 %Business RequirementsPlanningConceptual-izationDesign & PrototypingArchitectureConstructionTestingUsingRAD MethodUsing JRPSessionsUsing JADSessions

اسلاید 17: Data Warehouse Life Cycle ModelDeliverSoftware ConceptPreliminary Requirement AnalysisArchitectureDeliver Final VersionVersion1Version 2Version … nIncorporate Customer FeedbackDevelop VersionElicit Customer Feedback

اسلاید 18: Development MethodologyBusiness RequirementsPlanningConceptual-izationBusiness RequirementsDefinitionDesign & PrototypingArchitectureConstructionUnit TestingImplementationIntegration & System TestingOff shoreOnsite

اسلاید 19: Requirements GatheringOnsiteOffshoreAnalysis / PrototypingHigh Level DesignProductionAcceptance TestingHigh Level DesignDetailed DesignConstructionTesting - Integral / SystemIterative DevelopmentExecution Methodology

اسلاید 20: Maintenance ApproachCoordinationPlanningKnowledge TransferServiceRequirements StudyCost EstimationTransition PlanningTechnical Environment StudyMaintenance Process StudyStart Support ActivityOffshore Transition PlanningApplication UnderstandingOnsite/Offshore Support QA & Performance MonitoringValue Added ServicesAccountManagerProject ManagerOn-siteTeamOff-shoreTeamPETE/IAN Knowledge RepositoryeFORCE Tools3 Weeks5 WeeksOngoing

اسلاید 21: High-Level Project PlanInception: 6 WeeksElaboration: 8 WeeksConstruction: 20 WeeksTransition: 6 WeeksActivitiesDetailed mining, assessment and re-use of existing deliverablesVision and critical success factor developmentShared view between team and stakeholders on scope and directionKey offshore personnel brought onsiteIdentification of, and initial interactions with, stakeholders and SMEs (CCI, RSL, APS, ECPR, ODS/PAS, TQ, VL, etc.)Establishment of the Change Control Board and associated processActivitiesDetailed requirements analysisSome key offshore personnel remain onsite, others go home to startup offshore teamComplete system architecture and detailed designProof of concepts/initial development for key technical areas (CCI integration, CTI integration, XML integration, MU integration, RSL integration, security, etc.)Progress being made on distributed testing strategiesArchitectural review and certificationActivitiesDevelopment and Unit TestDaily BuildsWeekly Integration BuildsFrequent Code ReviewsQuality AssuranceUnit TestingSystem TestingIntegration TestingUser Acceptance TestingPerformance Testing ActivitiesProduction RolloutTechnology TransferTrainingGradual Phase-Out of Legacy Code BaseDeliverablesVisionCritical Success FactorsMaster Test PlanArchitecture Certification PlanProduct Transition PlanDocumentation PlanCommunications PlanTask Plan/Resource PlanInformation Security PlanKnowledge Transfer PlanRequirements DocumentsDeliverablesRequirements Documents (Detailed)Architecture CertificationDesign Deliverables (Software Architecture Document, Design Models, Site Navigation Map, Wireframes, Design Guidelines, Click-Through Site Mockup)Usability Test ResultsPortal Integration StrategyTest CasesDeliverablesBuild Deliverables (Application Build, Installation Artifacts, etc.)Testing Deliverables (Test Cases and Test Results)Code BaseDatabase ScriptsDeployment PlanDeliverablesiBK Architecture, Design, Development, and Test Handbooks for Knowledge TransferiBK Architecture, Design, Development, and Test Customized Training WorkshopsSystem Capacity Model and Performance Test ResultsRelease NotesLevel 3 Support

اسلاید 22: SummarySuperior DW, BI experienceProven DW/BI Global Delivery ModelExpertise in best in class enabling technology packagesSuperior implementation methodologyüüüü

اسلاید 23: w w w . e f o r c e g l o b a l . c o m IT Solutions. Guaranteed.TM


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