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اولین کسی باشید که نظری می نویسد “Google Vs Microsoft”

Google Vs Microsoft

اسلاید 1: TheSEOGuru ( Internet Marketing ConsultantGoogle Vs Microsoft

اسلاید 2: TheSEOGuru ( Internet Marketing ConsultantGoogle Attacks on MicrosoftGoogle plans to attack Microsofts core business by taking on the software giants globally dominant Windows operating system for personal computers. Google Chrome Operating System, the new software will be in netbooks in the second half of 2010.

اسلاید 3: TheSEOGuru ( Internet Marketing ConsultantMicrosoft OS Share on PC ~90% PCs using Microsoft’s OS Google is planning to capture Microsoft Share of 90%

اسلاید 4: TheSEOGuru ( Internet Marketing ConsultantGoogle Chrome OS Cost Google did not say how much it would charge for the operating system (OS), but Enderle expects Google to charge at most a nominal fee or make it free, saying the companys business model has been to earn revenue from connecting applications or advertising.

اسلاید 5: TheSEOGuru ( Internet Marketing ConsultantGoogle Chrome OS features:Fast & light weight : The new Chrome OS is expected to work well with many of the companys popular software applications. It will be fast and less memory-intensive, enabling users to access the Web in a few seconds. The new system is designed to work with ARM and x86 chips, the main chip architectures in use in the market. Microsoft has previously said it would not support PCs running on ARM chips, allowing Google an opportunity to infiltrate that segment.

اسلاید 6: TheSEOGuru ( Internet Marketing ConsultantGoogle Strategy to Capture the MarketGoogle is going to lock in partnerships with PC maker such as HP & Dell. HP & Dell are using ~90% + windows on most of there productsAcer Inc, the worlds No. 3 PC brand, has already agreed to sell netbooks that run on Android to be released this quarter. HP says “We want to understand all the different operating systems available to customers, and will assess the impact of Chrome on the computer and communications industry.

اسلاید 7: TheSEOGuru ( Internet Marketing ConsultantA Critic on Microsoft OSThe operating systems that browsers run on were designed in an era where there was no web, Sundar Pichai, vice president of product management at Google, said in the blog post. The Chrome operating system is our attempt to rethink what operating systems should be.


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