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the moon 2

اسلاید 1: A look at our nearest neighborThe Moon

اسلاید 2: What is the Moon?A natural satelliteOne of more than 96 moons in our Solar SystemThe only moon of the planet Earth

اسلاید 3: The moon is a “natural satellite”. A satellite is anything the orbits a planet.Artificial satellites, ones made by humans, have four main uses:CommunicationsMonitoring the weatherObserving the EarthExploring the solar system

اسلاید 4: Where is the moon?About 384,000 km (240,000 miles) from Earth3,468 km (2,155 miles) in diameter (about ¼ the size of Earth)

اسلاید 5: How does the moon move?It revolves or orbits the Earth about every 27 daysIt rotates on its axis once every 27 daysSince the moon rotates and revolves at the same rate, the same side of Moon always faces Earth

اسلاید 6: What’s up there?No atmosphereNo liquid waterExtreme temperaturesDaytime = 130C (265°F)Nighttime = -190C (-310 F)1/6 Earth’s gravity(Take your weight and divide it by six)

اسلاید 7: What does the land look like on the moon?

اسلاید 8: HighlandsMountains up to 7500 m (25,000 ft) tallRilles (trench-like valleys)

13,500 تومان

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