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اسلاید 1: How to teach vocabulary? By: Dr. Hamidreza Ghobadi rad

اسلاید 2: Vocabulary or Grammar? Albert was crooming in the fim. He saw a big fet .He decided to brab it, so he took an esh and brabed the fet .What was Albert doing?Where was he crooming?What did he see?Vocabulary is the core of any language but you do need grammar.

اسلاید 3: When our students ask a word in English: What’s the meaning of “river”?sometimes ask other students first Who can tell him the meaning of “river” in English?1-Example river?→ Karoon, Zayanderood2-Synonym & antonym gorgeous = wonderful=very good # awful3-Explanation or Definition engagement period

اسلاید 4: 4-Demonstration (gestures or actions) hug – kiss – kick – frown.5-Drawing a picture arrow – leaf – heart.6-Translation oak –cinnamon

اسلاید 5: When the students ask a word in Persian: What is روده in English?Answer useful words NOT سوسک بال دار1-Ask another student to help ( call a student) 2-Use their prior knowledge Do you remember Asghar Farhadis film which won Oscar? →جدا شدنSeparation3-Let them remember it since they had it before.4-Tell them What if you dont know?

اسلاید 6: General Guidelines: 1.Each word should be repeated 3 to 5 times to be a known word. ( teach them how to repeat the new words)2.Use the words in contexts or idioms or proverbs - sight(بینائی ) → out of sight out of mind - piece( تکه ) → A piece of cake 3.Use abbreviations to teach the new words: Natural → CNG → Compressed Natural Gas

اسلاید 7: Rapid → BRT → Bus Rapid Transit Human → HIV → Human Immune Virus Liquid → LCD → Liquid Crystal Display

اسلاید 8: 4.Use the new words in your questions a lot. e.g. hardworking → Do you think Iranians are hardworking people?5.Write the part of speech and pronunciation too. Ask them to repeat the words. friendly (adj) NOT adv chalet 6.Have a variety of vocabulary games Hangman First letter Last letter

اسلاید 9: First x last y scrambled letters three letter words Name , food ,animal Group words story with the given words (words of the lesson and other interesting names like Mohammadreza Golzar)7.Teach the new words in collocations: mistake → make a mistake

اسلاید 10: 8.Give extra information too. is it formal or informal » hey is it American or British? etc.9.Remind them of the similar words we have in Persian. counter, type, dictation suffixes and prefixes – less : tubeless, wireless10.Tell the other meanings of the words too. Do you spring on spring with spring in spring?

اسلاید 11: Can you can a can? You look blue /Does he watch blue movies?11.Tell them interesting facts These words are borrowed from Persian: Paradise , pyjamas , bazaar , etc. cough → کوف in Lorestan tomato → تماته in Khozestan12.Have a dictation test after each unit.13.Highlight the words with red family

اسلاید 12: How can our students learn & remember the words?  1.They should have a vocabulary notebook. write ( part of speech, English or Persian definition) make sentences (real or funny ) review & circle (Add other things like word family)2.They should know some strategies flash cards imaging ( tongue ) reading ( extensive & intensive ) or watching a film with subtitle- knowing prefixes & suffixes re → again restart – rewrite

اسلاید 13: Thank You

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