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اولین کسی باشید که نظری می نویسد “معرفی سبک نگارشی IEEE”

معرفی سبک نگارشی IEEE

اسلاید 1: به نام خدامعرفی سبک نگارشیIEEE

اسلاید 2: سبک نگارش IEEE امروزه به طور وسیعی برای نگارش های الکترونیکی و دستی مورد استفاده ی نویسندگان برای ارئه ی هر نوع مطلبی اعم از :نشریات .مجلات . مقالات .روزنامه و . . . . می باشد.معرفی منابع : استناد درون متنی In-text references فهرست منابع Referenc list IEEE : Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

اسلاید 3: Example of this pag :In-text refrences BooksJournal articletheses or dissertationElectronic sources Electronic book Onlin journal articleConference paperWebitReferenc listاستناد درون متنیکتابمقاله مجلات÷ایان نامه (دکتری) یا مقالاتمنابع الکترونیکیکتاب الکترونیکیمقاله مجلات onlineمقاله کنفرانسوب سایتفهرست منابع

اسلاید 4: The theory was first put forward in 1987 [1]  Scholtz [2] has argued that.......  Several recent studies [1], [3], [4], [15], [16] have suggested that...استناد درون متنیIn-text references Preferred غیر قابل قبول Acceptable قابل قبول[1], [3], [5][1, 3, 5][1] - [5][1-5]

اسلاید 5: BOOK : Author(s) First name or initials. Surname, or name of organisation, Title of book followed by fullstop if no edition statement, or comma if there is an edition statement, ed., Edition (except the first). Place of publication City: Publisher, Year Publication.

اسلاید 6: Example Book : C. W. Lander, Power Electronics, 3rd. ed., London: McGraw-Hill, 1993. B. Hancock, Advanced Ethernet/802.3 Network Management and Performance. Boston: Digital Press, 1994, pp. 5-8. Note: Fictitious example, edition statement has been removed

اسلاید 7: Author(s) First name or initials. Surname, Title of article, Title of journal, vol. volume, (issue number), pp. first and last pages of the article, Date of issue month if available year.مقاله مجلهJournal article:

اسلاید 8: K. P. Dabke and K. M. Thomas, Expert system guidance for library users, Library Hi Tech, vol. 10, (1-2), pp. 53-60, 1992.Example :

اسلاید 9: Author(s) First name or initials. Surname, Title of thesis, Type of thesis PhD dissertation or doctoral dissertation or masters thesis, Department, University, Place, State, Country, Year of Publication.Theses or dissertations : ÷ایان نامه یا مقالات

اسلاید 10: S. Birch, Dolphin-human interaction effects: frequency mediated psychophysiological responses in biological systems, doctoral dissertation, Dept. Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering, Monash University, Victoria, Australia, 1997.Example:

اسلاید 11:  Author(s) First name or initials. Surname. (date of publication year, month day). Title. (ed. edition except the first) [Type of medium]. volume number if needed. (issue number if needed). Available: site/path/file Electronic book:

اسلاید 12: A. K. Salkintzis. (2004). Mobile Internet: enabling technologies and services. [Online]. Available: V. Guruswami. (2004). List decoding of error-correcting codes: winning thesis of the 2002 ACM doctoral dissertation competition. (2nd ed.) [Online]. 3282. Available: Example:

اسلاید 13: Author(s) First name or initials. Surname. (year, month). Title of article. Title of Journal. [Type of medium]. volume number (issue number), pp. pages. Available: site/path/fileOnline journal article:

اسلاید 14: J. S. Fulda. (2000, Mar.). The Internet as an engine of scholarship. ACM SIGCAS Computers and Society. [Online]. 30 (1), pp. 17-27. Available: J. Farrell. (2007, May). In Wikipedia we trust? Cosmos Online [Online]. Available: :

اسلاید 15: Author(s) First name or initials. Surname. (year, month). Title. Presented at Conference title. [Type of Medium]. Available: site/path/fileElements of the citation: مقلات کنفرانس

اسلاید 16: X. Yang. (2003, Aug.). NIRA: a new Internet routing architecture. Presented at ACM SIGCOMM FDNA 2003 Workshop. [Online]. Available:

اسلاید 17: Author. (year, month). Title. [Type of Medium]. Available: site/path/fileExample :(2007, Mar.). Dr Jean Armstrong: Brief Biography [Online]. Available: :

اسلاید 18: [1] C. W. Lander, Power Electronics, 3rd. ed., London: McGraw-Hill, 1993.[2]B. Hancock, Advanced Ethernet/802.3 Network Management and Performance. Boston: Digital Press, 1994, pp. 5-8.[3]G. K. Knopf and A. S. Bassi, Biological-based optical sensors and transducers, in Opto-mechatronic Systems Handbook: Techniques and Applications, Hyungsuck Cho, Ed. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press, 2003, pp. 195-210. Reference list :

اسلاید 19: منبع

18,000 تومان

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